Organizational Change

“Solutions to adaptive challenges reside not in the executive suite, but in the collective intelligence of employees at all levels.”  –Ron Heifetz

At Sophie Parker & Associates, we partner with organizations to help them understand evolving strategies, deliverables and resources. We live in a sea of change, most of it seeming beyond our control, and yet we have considerable influence over our lives and work environment.

Effectively adapting to change is critical to an organization’s existence and success Where to begin?

First, we take a good look at our own actions as leaders. What is working? How can we build on our strengths? What should we do more of/less of moving forward?

Second, we enhance awareness about behaviors of peers, colleagues, and constituents. This can provide valuable insight into shaping our own actions. Sophie Parker & Associates helps people understand what dynamics are at play in their work environments and what they can do to achieve their goals.


To start, Sophie interviews the client:

  • What is working currently in our organization?
  • What needs attention?
  • What advice do people have at varying levels of the organization?
  • What goal does the senior team want to accomplish as a result of our intervention?

Sophie and her team use proven tools to assess information:

We then provide a summary report of what we hear and observe, along with recommendations for change. Our clients partner with us to create a road map for change, and we provide support and structure for the follow-through. We may use specific programs to support the process, such as Team Coaching and Experiential Learning.


“Sophie and I worked together in my second year leading a 100 person organization. I had inherited a team that was used to operating differently, and Sophie coached me through the process of realigning my organization to give me the most leverage. She also guided me through the daunting process of facilitating leadership transitions so that everyone on the team was the right person in the right role.”

–Executive Director, Education

To find out more about Organizational Change programs, contact Sophie.