Skills Training

Effective people possess the knowledge and tools to excel. Healthy organizations practice behaviors that unify and motivate. We help identify the skills and interactions that foster success.

The Communication Workshop

If you don’t talk about it, you can’t fix it.

Most of us would agree that people are different, but few of us realize just how different individual perceptions can be. Can you separate someone’s intent from their style? Can you identify the crux of a disagreement without the context of personality?

The Conflict Workshop

Healthy teams know how to disagree.

Just as people have different goals and needs, they have distinct ways of handling conflict. By reframing how we think of “conflict,” negative obstacles can become positive foundations for growth.

The Team Workshop

If you don’t work together, it won’t get better.

Why is it that some teams gel immediately while others – even with good people on them — struggle to solidify? What is the magic elixir that makes some workplace cultures thrive while others falter?


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