The Organization Workshop

“System power is the ability to act in ways that fundamentally transform whole systems, elevating them to new possibilities of experience and accomplishment for their members and for the systems as wholes.” –Barry Oshry

The Organization Workshop, based on the work of Power + Systems guru Barry Oshry, is one of the most powerful and effective experiential programs in the world today. The OW provides a unique opportunity for people to experience themselves, their co-workers, VPs, CEOs, direct reports, even the organization, as a whole system—not just a collection of individuals.

Sophie recommends the OW for organizations who:

  • Have to reposition themselves quickly in order to be competitive in the marketplace.
  • Have turf issues among directors and managers and other departments.
  • Have matrixed leadership relationships that rely on seamless communication and collaboration across multiple boundaries.

Participants gain:

  • Increased personal power to lead and influence change, especially the ability to form partnerships with customers and people within their organization.
  • Enhanced ability to see their organization’s strengths and weaknesses and act in ways that increase productivity.
  • A framework for strengthening their ability to lead from wherever they are in the organization.